When clients bring the topic of career change as a concern to coaching, they usually deal with it 'voluntarily'. However, if a separation on the part of the employer is the cause, then many clients choose to contact a coach only when the crisis is so present that no way out seems possible. That's why I decided to actively offer outplacement services with my partner Christian Ernst for international companies in Ticino/Switzerland and North Italy.

Outplacement is a matter of trust.

When a company has to separate from an employee, external support is invaluable.

Our outplacement program aims to provide the candidate with a clear focus from the outset, providing him with a guide throughout his self-searching and analysis journey. Our direct and honest feedback helps the candidate in this self-revision and thus enables him/her also to look at the initial situation from a different angle and to discover opportunities for the future.

In a separation process, the Human Resources department can rarely provide sufficient attention and care of the person to be released – mainly for reasons of time. An outplacement by external consultants relieves the organization and also underpins the social responsibility of the employer. The image of the company is respected both internally as well as from an outside perspective. The outplacement service additionally makes the costs and duration of a separation manageable and contributes to a consensual solution outside of labor disputes.