Performance Assessment in practice

You are not satisfied with the performance of your employee. It is your responsibility to address this issue clearly and to ensure that the results are back on track. 
How do you prepare for the conversation? How do you practice? What are the consequences if the conversation fails?
In our Real Play setup, you work in a safe learning environment on solutions for your own leadership challenges. Experienced coaches will give professional feedback. You will exchange your experience with other participants facing a similar challenge.


15 People

Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: CHF 3.400 / participant

Services Included

  • Intensive and individual interview with every participant preliminary to the event
  • Clarification and anonymisation of the respective ‚cases’
  • Catering for both days
  • Accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Digitized hand-out of all documents
  • A copy of the book ‚How to be good at performance Appraisals’ from D. Grote
  • Individual post-workshop-interview 1 week after the program (duration approx. 30 minutes)

Performance Assessment in practice


This seminar is directed to managers of a company who want to discuss their current leadership challenges in a safe learning environment and want to ‚try’ different approaches


Participants understand the importance of Performance Appraisal as a meaningful leadership instrument and receive tools that will help them to lead difficult conversations successfully. Client-specific situations will be ‚Real-Played’ in a safe learning environment and the learned is deepened by ‚re-playing’. All participants will leave the seminar with clear and implementable plans, to use future performance appraisals as a core element of leadership and to live it.


  • Definition of performance
  • The performance cycle and its consequence for daily leadership
  • Performance Appraisals - examples from the client's business
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Basics of Conflict Management
  • Real Play (instead of role playing)
  • Re-Play
  • Transfer of learning


Day 1 starts at 10.00 o’clock with getting to know each other followed by an exercise in which the participants approach the topic performance. The Development of a common understanding of the key concepts in performance assessment and structured input on the subjects feedback, conflict management and communication skills determine the early afternoon. In groups of 5 – plus one Coach – the participants integrate their current leadership challenges into the first Real Play. That means they practice their own real upcoming performance appraisal in a safe learning environment. The day ends with a keynote speech and a group discussion about performance appraisal in virtual organizations.

After an optional guided walk and breakfast, the participants discuss on the next day in tandems the key messages of the previous day and prepare for the repetition of the Real Plays. Main component of the second day is practicing and learning from and with other participants, always accompanied by continuous feedback from the coaches.

At the end of both days, each participant is conscious of his personal areas for improvement and has set a clear objective on how and what he will change in future performance reviews. To ensure those plans to succeed, we recommend the supporting company of our coaches.