Bridge - objectives / strategies / activities

You are proud of having highly motivated employees who come by themselves with proposals addressing pro-actively a critical situation. They even introduce you to a list of activities, the contents are correct and seem to be feasible – you give the go-ahead. After some time – everybody is still busy completing the activities list – you suddenly realize that after all the original situation has not changed.
What happened?
With all the urgency, you ‚forgot’ to set clear objectives and to define strategies HOW to achieve these objectives.


12 People

Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: CHF 3.000 / participant

Services Included

  • Intensive and individual interview with every participant preliminary to the event
  • Catering for both days
  • Accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Digitized hand-out of all documents
  • Valuable recommended reading on the subject
  • Your personal Bridge Model
  • Individual post-workshop-interview 1 week after the program (duration approx. 30 minutes)

Bridge - objectives / strategies / activities


This seminar is directed to executives who want to apply a model that helps them to define meaningful objectives ‚smart’ and in line with the corporate vision. We focus with this detailed section from the Change seminar on the practical part of the formulation of objectives. Upon request we offer Change and Bridge as a combined multi-day in-house seminar.


Participants understand the basic differences of objectives, strategies and activities and is able to apply this common understanding on their specific business situation. They learn to define meaningful and relevant objectives, to think in terms of alternatives and finally translate them into action. They work with their current target agreements, they learn why and how these can be improved to have an immediate benefit in practice.


  • Definition of terms: objectives, strategies and activities, etc.
  • Introduction to the logic and application of the RLD Bridge Model
  • Goal-setting processes and formulation of objectives
  • SMART and more
  • SWOT analysis
  • Performance Appraisal Systems and their limits - development of alternatives
  • Experience exchange based on practice examples
  • Basics for Performance Appraisals
  • Transfer of learning


Day 1 starts at 10.00 o’clock with getting to know each other followed by an exercise in which the participants learn to distinguish 'good' and ‚bad’ objectives. In the afternoon, they work in small groups on how to define their employees’ target agreements – based on RLD Bridge Model – so that future performance reviews are objectively possible. The day ends with a keynote speech and a group discussion about leadership by objectives.

After an optional common walk and breakfast the participants begin on the second day to apply the RLD bridge Model in a ‚dry run’. For this exercise we use real target agreements of the participants. There is enough time to discuss different alternatives for action, to discuss possible consequences and to prepare for a meaningful implementation into everyday’s leadership life.

At the end of both days the participants leave the seminar with a clear plan on how they shape future goal-settings and leadership processes in a way that strategic alternatives protect them from activism. To ensure those plans to succeed, we recommend the supporting company of our coaches.