Change – 8 stages from business idea to successful implementation

You have integrated your business ideas into a vision for your company. Strategy meetings with all executives have encouraged you to think you are prepared for the future. But on the way to implementation you suddenly feel resistance and the original idea has gone lost somewhere during implementation.

Does this sound familiar?
Based on the worldwide proven and well structured Change Model by John P. Kotter we can work with you on what it means, to actually implement an idea.


12 People

Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: CHF 3.000 / participant

Services Included

  • Intensive and individual interview with every participant preliminary to the event
  • Catering for both days
  • Accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Digitized hand-out of all documents
  • A copy of the book "Leading Change" by John P.Kotter
  • Individual post-workshop-interview 1 week after the program (duration approx. 30 minutes)

Change – 8 stages from business idea to successful implementation


This seminar is offered only company-specific. It is addressed to members of a company’s management team who want to learn how existing and future business ideas can be effectlively driven forward within their organization. Prerequisite for a valuable seminar are intensive preliminary talks with all participants to ensure individual adaptation to the respective company's situation.


Participants understand the basic differences of all terms Vision, Mission, Strategy, Objectives, Action plans, KPI‘s, Mbo, Balanced Scorecard, etc. and can apply to common understanding on their specific business situation. The participants sharpen their process conception from business idea to implementation at the customer. They work out the challenges the company is facing, at the moment and in the future by applying a globally proven Change Model. They have the necessary tools to deal positively with change.


  • Definition of Terms
  • Development and deepening of the participants’ company-specific examples
  • John P. Kotter Change Model as an application tool for a current issue of the client
  • Experience Based Learning
  • Leadership styles in Change Processes
  • The use of Performance Appraisal Systems in Change Processes
  • Transfer of learning


Day 1 starts at 10.00 o’clock with the elaboration of a common understanding of the key terms of the Change Process. In the afternoon, participants integrate a current business idea into the eight-stage Change Model of J.P. Kotter and learn to apply. The day ends with a keynote speech and a group discussion about innovation in business model development.

After an optional walk together and breakfast the participants discuss during the second day in tandems which leadership behavior is required during phases of change and which consequences do they have for their company. Main part of the second day is the application of the Change Model to a new business idea of the client.

At the end of both days, each participant is aware of his personal responsibility in the Change Process and has set a clear objective on how to integrate this into his meaningful everyday leadership life. To ensure those plans to succeed, we recommend the supporting company of our coaches.