Bonsai - The path from superior to executive

All employees in companies have a superior who they call affectionately boss, chief, manager or even supervisor.
If you are placed in front of a new team as a superior, it is solely up to you whether and how long you are perceived as a ‚supervisor’ or whether you are seen as the ‚powerful leader’ of your team.
According to the recent Gallup study, only 15% of all employees in Germany are heavily emotionally involved in their company.
What do you think? Do the other 85% rather work for superiors or together with executives


10 People

Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: CHF 3.000 / participant

Services Included

  • Intensive and individual interview with every participant preliminary to the event
  • Catering for both days
  • Accommodation in the monastery
  • Digitized hand-out of all documents
  • The Book to the program
  • Your own bonsai tree
  • A matching original ceramic bowl for the finished bonsai
  • Individual post-workshop-interview 1 week after the program (duration approx. 30 minutes)


Bonsai - The path from superior to executive


This seminar is suitable for executives who want to be more than just superiors. They want to draw inspiration from the art of making a bonsai and to integrate the findings into their personal leadership style.


Participants understand that leadership is rather a vocation than a profession. They discover their creative abilities and learn how to use them situationally in leadership. They recognize if they or their teams are not in their ‚flow’ anymore and know how to deal with it. Participants will learn from a bonsai master to make their own bonsai and will anchor the essence of leadership into themselves - the bonsai way.


  • The creation of your own bonsai piece of art
  • Situational leadership and other leadership styles
  • Superior and executive– Consequences for everyday’s leadership life
  • Lead in the Flow. The connection of body, mind and emotions
  • Human beeing - a piece of art as a whole – in the context of personal development
  • Transfer of Learning


The program starts on day 1 at 10.00 o’clock with getting to know each other. During the rest of the day the participants work with a bonsai master on shaping their individual bonsai piece of art and reflect that experience in small groups – all in an exceptional, wonderful and inspiring environment.

After an optional walk together and breakfast we start the next morning with short group presentations to establish a personal connection between the bonsai art and the art of leadership. The bonsai analogy runs like a red thread through the entire seminar, which consists of a mixture of keynote speeches, workshops, mental exercises, discussions and intense self-reflection.

At the end of both days every participant has set a clear objective on what, how and why he would like to change in his everyday leadership life. To ensure those plans to succeed, we recommend the supporting company of our coaches.