Values – Foundation of meaningful Leadership

You are member of the Executive Board. A new colleague comes on board and starts to question right away everything what previously seemed to be right and important. He even begins to interfere your professional ‚territory’ and confronts with accomplished offences. Just a single case? Certainly not.
Which of your personal values have been violated? 
As a leadership team you should take your time to find out what really is important for all of you. Then based on this knowledge you can start to build the leadership philosophy that suits you and your business. 


12 People

Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: CHF 3.000 / participant

Services Included

  • Intensive and individual interview with every participant preliminary to the event
  • Catering for both days
  • Accommodation at the conference hotel
  • Digitized hand-out of all documents
  • Valuable recommended reading on the subject
  • Your personal card box with more than 400 value cards
  • Individual post-workshop-interview 1 week after the program (duration approx. 30 minutes)

Values – Foundation of meaningful Leadership


This seminar is offered only company-specific. It is addressed to members of a company’s management team who want to build their leadership philosophy on common values and to live authentically according to them. Prerequisite for a valuable seminar are intensive preliminary talks with all participants to ensure individual adaptation to the company's situation.


Participants understand that leadership is rather a vocation than a profession. They learn how to better lead themselves and find out which values ​​they personally stand for. They learn how to keep that in line with the values ​​of the company and the employees. The participants are clear about the current requirements placed on them as leaders and they know the appropriate management tools.


  • Determine personal values and comparison with the corporate values
  • Deriving the matching behaviour
  • Recognizing the consequences for the internal leadership culture
  • Dealing with differences (generation, origin, education, etc.)
  • The role of an executive within and beyond the enterprise
  • Communication of meaning as a valuable leadership task
  • Basics from ‚Change management’
  • Transfer of Learning


Day 1 starts at 10.00 o'clock. Guided by three RLD coaches each participant discovers his individual core values. In the afternoon the whole group works on the values the company stands for. After that they define how these values ​​can be communicated sustainably and effectively to the buyers of their products and services sustainably and effectively. The day ends with a keynote speech and a group discussion about values in the intercultural context.

The next morning we offer an optional walk together and start after breakfast with exercises in small groups. The purpose of these exercises is to make the connection between values ​​and leadership behavior. There is enough time to discuss in the team possible consequences and to prepare for a meaningful implementation into everyday’s leadership life. The program consists of a mixture of short lectures, workshops, exercises, discussions and intense self-reflection.

At the end of both days, each participant is aware of his personal values and has set a clear objective on how to integrate the learning into his everyday leadership life. To ensure those plans to succeed, we recommend the supporting company of our coaches. The derivation of suitable leadership principles - if not yet existing - is an important next step to make. It will be a pleasure for us to discuss that with you and to consult and accompany you on that journey.