LP3 - Leadership Performance

How is leadership defined in your organization? Which model do you apply? Imagine you had one common approach which allows you to combine your specific leadership model with all other renowned existing models. 

The LPmodel by David Fiorucci enables a common guidance language to be applied throughout the company that is understandable by everybody at all levels (Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Board, management staff and employees). It therefore permits the conditions for efficient and consistent leadership to be created.



8 - 12 


Date, Place & Price

Dates: conformed to the client’s schedule

Place: at one of the three RLD Locations or at the clients preference

Price: on request

Services Included

Each participant receives a digital workshop documentation and a set of 52 cards summarizing the essentials of LP3-Model.

LP3 - Leadership Performance


This seminar is offered only company-specific. It is addressed to members of a company’s management team who want to develop and apply a common guidance language. Prior to the seminar all employees need to answer the following two questions: “In your experience, what constitutes a ‘good’ boss and what do you expect from him or her?”




The participants understand the 9 categories, which describe a 'good' leader and know what their employees expect from them. They experience themselves working together as a leadership team and leave the workshop with clear goals and implementable action plans concerning the key leadership topics they need to work on.



  • HIgh Performance Teams
  • Team Exercises
  • Common analysis of employees' answers
  • Definition key elements of 'good' leadership
  • Gap Analysis of strenghts and development opportunities
  • How to leverage diversity
  • Actionplans
  • Learning Transfer


LP3 Leader/LP3 Team Workshop lasts 1 day. The workshop prepares the base for a common understanding and consequent application of leadership within an organization. Group size and detailed workshop agenda will be discussed  according to the specific client requests.