Why do managers want to learn?

When they feel the personal desire to handle future situations differently from what they experienced in the past then they invest into their personal development and use their valuable resources.

Our Seminars are available in English as well as in German.

LP3 - Leadership Performance

How is leadership defined in your organization? Which model do you apply? Imagine you had one common approach which allows you to combine your specific leadership model with all other renowned existing models.  The LP3 model by David Fiorucci enables a common guidance language to be applied throughout the company that is understandable by everybody at all levels (Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Board, management staff and employees). It therefore permits the conditions for efficient and consistent leadership to be created.  

Bonsai - The path from superior to executive

All employees in companies have a superior who they call affectionately boss, chief, manager or even supervisor. If you are placed in front of a new team as a superior, it is solely up to you whether and how long you are perceived as a ‚supervisor’ or whether you are seen as the ‚powerful leader’ of your team. According to the recent Gallup study, only 15% of all employees in Germany are heavily emotionally involved in their company. What do you think? Do the other 85% rather work for superiors or together with executives? 

Change – 8 stages from business idea to successful implementation

You have integrated your business ideas into a vision for your company. Strategy meetings with all executives have encouraged you to think you are prepared for the future. But on the way to implementation you suddenly feel resistance and the original idea has gone lost somewhere during implementation. Does this sound familiar? Based on the worldwide proven and well structured Change Model by John P. Kotter we can work with you on what it means, to actually implement an idea.

Bridge - objectives / strategies / activities

You are proud of having highly motivated employees who come by themselves with proposals addressing pro-actively a critical situation. They even introduce you to a list of activities, the contents are correct and seem to be feasible – you give the go-ahead. After some time – everybody is still busy completing the activities list – you suddenly realize that after all the original situation has not changed. What happened? With all the urgency, you ‚forgot’ to set clear objectives and to define strategies HOW to achieve these objectives.

Performance Assessment in practice

You are not satisfied with the performance of your employee. It is your responsibility to address this issue clearly and to ensure that the results are back on track.  How do you prepare for the conversation? How do you practice? What are the consequences if the conversation fails? In our Real Play setup, you work in a safe learning environment on solutions for your own leadership challenges. Experienced coaches will give professional feedback. You will exchange your experience with other participants facing a similar challenge.

Values – Foundation of meaningful Leadership

You are member of the Executive Board. A new colleague comes on board and starts to question right away everything what previously seemed to be right and important. He even begins to interfere your professional ‚territory’ and confronts with accomplished offences. Just a single case? Certainly not. Which of your personal values have been violated?  As a leadership team you should take your time to find out what really is important for all of you. Then based on this knowledge you can start to build the leadership philosophy that suits you and your business.