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About Alexander Rehm

Alexander Rehm is founder and owner of RLD - Rehm Leadership Development. As an Executive Coach he accompanies people on their individual journey to personal development and brings in his many years of leadership experience combined with his knowhow in this special area.











Values – Foundation of meaningful Leadership

As a leadership team you should take your time to find out what really is important for all of you. Then based on this knowledge you can start to build the leadership philosophy ...

Bonsai - The path from superior to executive

If you are placed in front of a new team as a superior, it is solely up to you whether and how long you are perceived as a ‚supervisor’ or whether you are seen as the ‚powerful leader’ of your team.

Change – 8 stages from business idea to successful implementation

You have integrated your business ideas into a vision for your company. Strategy meetings with all executives have encouraged you to think you are prepared for the future. But on the way to implementation you suddenly feel resistance.

Bridge - objectives / strategies / activities

You are proud of having highly motivated employees who come by themselves with proposals addressing pro-actively a critical situation. They even introduce you to a list of activities – you give the go-ahead. With all the urgency, you ‚forgot’ to set clear objectives and to define strategies HOW to achieve these objectives.

Performance Assessment in practice

How do you prepare for the conversation? How do you practice? What are the consequences if the conversation fails? In our Real Play setup, you ...

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